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Reviews for Charity Wound Care Foundation, Inc.


My People are Highly Overwhelmed

“I must tell you sincerely that my people are highly overwhelmed with joy on your life saving visit. The love you had that propelled you across that Atlantic Ocean to get to Fugar can only be compared to the type Moses had for the Israelites. As you are in Fugar not for amusement but to help my people on health related issues, God will accept your sublime supplications” His Royal Highness, Emmanuel Ogah, sub-Clan Head, Ivionone, Fugar during a Free Public Wound Treatment Clinic in Fugar, Edo State Nigeria. April, 2016.
- His Royal Highness, Emmanuel Ogah

Magnanimous Services

“Since you accepted our invitation three years ago, we have been the beneficiary of your kind and magnanimous services; of unselfishly expending yourself, time and skills on behalf of our hospital; and in the tender and professional attention in treating our patients. We appreciate the donations of medicines, equipment and supplies from your organization and we are glad that our treatment nurses have had their skill level enhanced by being attentive to your teachings”. Dr. Lateef T Lawal, Medical Director and CEO of General Hospital, Gbagada, Lagos in his Letter of Appreciation presented on behalf of Lagos State Government. February, 2017.
- Lateef T Lawal Medical Director and CEO of General Hospital, Gbagada, Lagos